I may be almost 90-degrees today, but winter and its frigid temps will be here eventually! Would you like to get ahead on next winter’s heating bills? Be sure to apply for the Home Heating Credit from State of Michigan. Even if you didn’t have to file income taxes this year, you can still file a Home Heating Credit Claim. The average credit is $140 per claimant, but we’ve seen much bigger credits for some of our customers!

To apply you must meet the income guidelines below, own or rent the home where you live (including rented apartments and mobile homes) and have your heating bill (gas, electric, or heating oil) in your name.

To claim the credit complete the Michigan Home Heating Credit Form (MI-1040CR-7).
Don’t wait! The deadline for submitting this form is September 30, 2016.

Maximum annual income guidelines for eligibility are as follows:
1 person household = $12,956
2 person household = $17,528
3 person household = $22,098
4 person household = $26,699
5 person household = $31,270
6 person household = $35,842

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