Who can shop in our food pantry?

If you are in need of groceries for you or your family, the Community Resource Center (CRC) can lend a hand.  Anyone needing food can come to the CRC.

Low-income households within the Manchester School District can shop from our entire pantry after they’ve completed our proof-of-income forms. First-time shoppers should allow an extra half-hour to complete our intake forms and should bring any pay stubs, bank account statements, or anything else that will establish their income level.

We also have a short list of foods that are available to anyone experiencing an emergency, regardless of where they live or how much money they make.

Our food pantry stocks:

Fresh produce
Frozen meats
Frozen vegetables
Canned vegetables
Tomato sauce
Canned soups
Canned beans
Canned fruits
Boxed meal helpers
Plain pasta
Baking supplies


Breakfast cereal
Peanut butter
Snack items
Cleaning supplies
Toilet paper
Paper towel

Who Qualifies to shop in our Food Pantry?
You must live within the Manchester School District (Manchester Village; Manchester Township; Sharon Township; Bridgewater Township; Freedom Township) and have an income at or below the level shown in the following table:
If your income is higher than the guidelines allow, but you are in a food emergency, you are still eligible to pick up some food items from our food pantry.

How is Income Verified?
A lot of clients simply provide a copy of their tax filing from the previous year.
Alternatively, pay stubs, benefits statements, and bank statements can be used to establish your income level.
As always, we are here to answer your questions, so stop in and ask us or call if you have any questions.


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